collaboration is the most exciting aspect of creation 


Technical Resume

backstage at Our Town

Buffalo Community Theatre 2016

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backstage at Addams Family 

backstage at Our Town

Artistry 2019


Artist Statement

Collaboration is my favorite part of any artistic project I am working on and in no medium is it more important than stage management. To be a good collaborator is to approach your work with a mind, hungry for innovation; a heart, gentle to hold your peers' creation; and eyes that truly see all. 

I try to meet everyone I work with where they are, encouraging when they need the support and steadfast when pressure and deadlines bear down. I find very little else makes me feel as honored as when a group of creatives trust me to take care of their show - and while I love to have fun in my work, my hope is that it is never unclear how grateful I am to be stage managing. 

A Little Night Music 

Theatre Latte Da

Photos by Dan Norman



Our Town

Artistry Theatre

Photos by Devon Cox

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Old Log Theatre

Photos by Greg Frankenfield


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