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Teaching Philosophy

With my music-driven background, it is not lost on me that the voice is a deeply personal part of human expression. Often, I find singers think of their voices as synonymous with themselves and their value. My goal as a teacher is to honor the vulnerability it takes to improve one’s voice, offer science-based solutions for lasting vocal technique, and foster a safe environment for that level of creative exploration. As a musical theatre coach, I strive to marry healthy approaches to singing and healthy approaches to acting. I believe that in musical theatre, acting and music do not exist one without the other, but build upon each other to make a greater whole.


A product is only as great as the process it took to create it. I approach every teaching opportunity as a chance to collaborate with another artist. I aim to meet every student I work with where they are; encouraging when they need additional support, and steadfast when they need a challenge to grow. No one method of technique or philosophy of teaching is right for every student and I strive to create curriculum best suited to each individual. Using well known teaching techniques such as somatic voice work, flow phonation, and self discovery, I hope to promote everyday awareness of each student’s physical, emotional, and technical instrument. 


I am passionate about healthy cross-genre singing that feels as good as it sounds, authentic artistry, and equipping students with confidence. Vocal exploration is my favorite pathway to vocal freedom. Often, singers must learn to let go of what we think are the “most beautiful” sounds to accomplish the most effective form of vocal expression. My goal as a teacher is to instill students with a hunger for knowledge rather than a debilitating need for perfection. This holistic approach to building a positive relationship with your voice is my favorite way to enrich my students with the confidence and technical skills for a happy and successful life in the arts - wherever that journey may lead them.


Here's how I come in!

voice lessons and coachings 

Voice lessons are tailored to the needs of each student. I believe your voice is uniquely yours and the training you receive should reflect that. My coachings work on merging our voices with our acting intentions. I work with students of all ages and my studio is currently open to new students. However you want to work, let's get started. 

building a better audition book

I believe that we all can and should be proud of our books and that auditioning can be fun! I aim to help you build a book that represents who you are as an artist, not just what you think the table wants to hear. Let's find music that sets your soul on fire! 

music arrangements

Nothing makes me feel more confident in an audition than knowing my sheet music is exactly what I need it to be. Let me clean up that Frankenstein audition cut, transcribe that piece of music you can't find anywhere, and make that pop song feel more like the one you sing to with radio! Click here for examples!

workshops and masterclasses

My classes offer creative artists the opportunity to dive deeper into what interests them about creating compelling performances. In the past, I've hosted masterclasses in pop/rock singing, acting through song, adding personalization to your character building, and much more! Let me know what interests your group and let's start playing! Masterclasses are given virtually or in person at this time and for a variety of age groups. 


Let's get started!

book with me

Currently, I'm taking new students and clients on a case by case basis. Please email me with a little bit about what your looking for help with and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

I hope to hear from you very soon!

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