let's play with purpose to create something great - here's where I come in!

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Voice Lessons

As a teacher I believe it is my job to help unlock your freest voice. I believe that with a foundation of classical techniques, your voice can transition into any style but always with your unique touch. I strive to meet my students where they are, using techniques like flow phonation and imagery to clarify technique. I hope to help you improve in whatever style singing you like be it musical theatre, pop, jazz, or classical singing.  


Voice lessons are tailored to the needs of each student. I believe your voice is uniquely yours and the training you receive should reflect that. I work with students of all ages and my studio is currently open to new students. 


Audition Coaching

Auditioning is hard. Let me help ease some of the struggle. I specialize in creating audition packages, curating and arranging audition cuts, audition techniques, and finding healthy ways to manage audition nerves. I also have experience in working with students auditioning for university programs. 


Coachings are tailored to the needs of each performer. Contact me for a free consultation where we can discuss a plan that works for you!


Rep Coaching

Not sure what to sing in an audition? I've got your back! I believe that audition books should be a reflection of who you are and what you love to sing, not just what you think people want to hear. I love finding audition repertoire and cuts that feel fresh, tight, and most importantly make you feel confident. 


I build every package based on the needs of the individual so please connect with me for more info!


Music Arrangements

Nothing makes me feel more confident in an audition than knowing my sheet music is exactly what I need it to be. Let me clean up that Frankenstein audition cut, transcribe that piece of music you can't find anywhere, and make that pop song feel more like the one you sing on the radio! Click here for examples!

Please contact me with a little about what you need and I'll send you a quote as soon as possible. 


Workshops and Masterclasses

Through my work with the Spotlight Education Program, I've had the opportunity to teach many different workshops to high school students. My classes offer students the opportunity to dive deeper into what interests them about creating compelling performances. I'm happy to give workshops digitally at this time! 

In the past I've hosted masterclasses in pop/rock singing, acting through song, adding personalization to your character building. Let me know what interests your group and let's start playing! 


Book with me!

Currently, I'm taking new students and clients on a case by case basis. Please email me with a little bit about what your looking for help with and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

I hope to hear from you very soon!