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The reviews are in for "Spring Awakening"

We have had such an amazing run of Spring Awakening at the Gremlin Theater! I've been having so much fun that I've barely had time to update you all! I could gush about how excited I am about the production, but why take my word for it when you can listen to the professionals?

Lavender Magazine:

"Lydia Wagner’s performance is touchingly sensitive in the utter innocence elicited as Wendla expresses this mysterious need. As with other sexual expressions that Spring Awakening addresses, they’re presented as an organic part of what it is to be human."

Broadway World Minneapolis/St.Paul:

"Lydia Wagner as Wendla is quietly affecting - she always seems to have a wistful look in her eyes, giving sympathy to a girl that starts out her journey so naïve."

Cherry and Spoon:

"...Lydia Wagner as Wendla, bringing some new flavor to these familiar songs.."


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